Faster and Easier Ways to Move and Manage Money

Great news! We have upgraded HealthcareBank’s business banking online platform. This upgrade allows you and your organization to bank online more efficiently, and more often on mobile if you choose.


With this upgrade, you can:


• Enjoy a single platform across all devices, with a responsive design that gives you the same user experience on desktop as on the mobile app.

• Navigate quickly and more intuitively with the new user interface.

• Easily manage users, email notifications and alerts with no need to call or message the bank.

• Customize account nicknames by user or company.

• View and approve positive pay exceptions on a mobile device.

• Create, view or cancel a stop payment from desktop or mobile.

• Use a simplified, secure token process to originate an ACH or wire transfer.

• View check images for all deposits made via desktop or mobile.

• Access more robust information including user privilege reports, enhanced ACH reporting and more.


IMPORTANT: We have upgraded our business online banking security from a physical token to a digital token for ACH and wire transaction authentication. Download Digital Security Token and Credential Instructions here.

Training Resources

Webinar training sessions: Live training sessions run through features and how-to’s with experts from HealthcareBank’s digital services team, who can answer any questions that arise. Please choose one training session per topic.

Session topics include:

  • General – Overview of navigation, account nicknames/grouping/organizing, transfers, stop payments, viewing account statements, account alerts and more.
  • ACH – Overview of ACH processing and templates, managing ACH beneficiaries, activity and approvals, online transaction alerts and more.
  • Administration – This session is targeted to system managers and supervisors who have the ability to manage other system users and includes an overview on reporting options, user roles, granting user access and more.
Tutorial videos: Check out our brief tutorial videos for step-by-step instructions for ACH, wires and more.

Online quick guides: Check out our quick guides for quick, step-by-step instructions in adding a digital security token and more.

Contact us at 866-442-2472, option 2 if you have any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to log in?
You will log in on the HealthcareBank home page by choosing “Online Banking” in the “Logins” tab.
How do I use my digital security token?
Your digital security token (also called a soft token) will serve as two-factor authentication at login (if you log in from an unrecognized device or browser). It will also be required for authorizing online payments. Download the soft token app now and let us know the credential ID assigned to you through the app, so we can link it to your profile. View Digital Security Token and Credential Instructions here.
How can I let you know my credential ID from the digital security token?
The fastest and most secure way to communicate your credential ID is by logging into the new online banking and registering your device. View Digital Security Token and Credential Instructions here.
Will my digital security token app work when not connected to the internet?
Yes. The security token app will work when not connected to the internet.
What if my company does not want users to download the digital security token app?
By request, hand-held physical tokens can be assigned and sent to a company through certified U.S. Mail, which requires a signature for delivery. Contact us at 866.442.2472, option 2 to order. Allow a minimum of 5 business days after your request to receive hand-held physical tokens.

When will I convert?

The new system is live as of March 29, 2022.

Will all users for our company be converted?

Unless notified otherwise, all active System Managers will convert. Only active System Users who have accessed the current online banking platform in the past year, will convert.
What information will be converted, and is there anything I should know?
To prepare for the conversion, review your online profile now to confirm that information such as email addresses, phone numbers, security question and answer, and company address is all correct. If you are a System Manager or have administrator authority, review System Users and deactivate anyone who is no longer with your company. You will need to make any changes in the new system starting on March 29, 2022.
Will I need to download a new mobile app?
If you are currently using the Treasury app, you will want to delete that app and download the Bell Bank Mobile app. Apple app store or Google Play store.
Will my ACH templates transfer?
Yes. ACH templates will transfer to the new platform, and all receivers set up by March 18, will move and be referred to as beneficiaries. Changes you made after March 18, will not be reflected. You should review all templates for accuracy before initiating your first payments in the new system.
Will all System Managers and System Users have access to their ACH templates automatically?
If you are a System Manager, you will have access to all templates automatically. If you are a System User and have access to all templates, you may have access to all templates automatically. If you are a System User who only has access to certain templates, your System Manager will need to grant you access to the templates you need.
Will my payment instructions for recurring ACH transfers automatically continue?
Your recurring ACH instructions will continue on the treasury platform momentarily after the system upgrade, and we will work with you to cancel them on the old system and set up the exact same transfer on the new system.
Will I have access to the same services as before?
Yes. You will have access to all the same treasury management services as before – with new and improved functionality. 
Can I continue to place stop payments on checks online?
Yes. You will be able to place stop payments, view previously placed stop payments and cancel any stop payments.
Will I be provided training on the new system?
Yes. There are a variety of training resources – including tutorial videos and quick guides – available to help you start using the new features in online banking and mobile for your business.
How long will the old system be available?
The old system will still be operational for a month after the launch of the new system. Please note, while you could access your profile on the old system after the conversion, if you need to, we encourage you to use the new system as much as you can, since access to the old system will go away one month after the new system launches. Also, after the launch of the new system, any changes you make in the old system will not be reflected in the new system.
Will positive pay be changing?
Yes. You will have an improved user experience with positive pay. You will be able to add issued checks and communicate decisions for check exceptions through online banking. This functionality, as well as all the robust features you are used to using today, will also be available with the same familiar look and feel you have today. Look for “Positive Pay” in the left-hand menu.
Can I approve positive pay from the Bell mobile app?
Yes, you will be able to make decisions on positive pay exceptions from the Bell mobile app.
Can I receive a text message to notify me about positive pay exceptions?
Yes. Text message notifications about positive pay exceptions are a new feature you will be able to use.
Will my daily limits on ACH and remote deposit stay the same?
Yes. All of the limits will stay the same, although the way limits work with remote deposit will change and be adjustable at a user level.
Will I still be able to contact the bank through secure message in online banking?
Yes. You will be able to communicate through secure message to request temporary limit increases, make online banking requests, link a credential ID to your user name and much more! Look for “Messages” in the left-hand column. We will continue to respond to your secure messages within 15 minutes as we do today.
Who do I reach out if I have further questions?
If you have any questions, call 866-442-2472, option 2.