Integrated Platform and Private Labeling

The combined strengths of HealthcareBank’s financial services and WEX Health, Inc software platform offer an ideal, seamless HSA solution for your clients. In a market that continues to show dramatic growth, our HSA Business Solution gives you the tools to retain valuable clients while attracting new business.


Integrated Technology

As your clients’ benefit plans continue to evolve in the CDH marketplace, we can offer a simple solution that allows for easy and effortless single platform administration of your clients’ HSAs including investments, as well as their limited and traditional FSAs, HRAs, dependent care and transit plans.

The unique integration of the HealthcareBank financial solution and the WEX Health Cloud™ system seamlessly controls money movement and funds management within the HSA.

This integration gives administrators access to all of their account holders’ benefit information on one platform. This includes access for administrators to view accounts holders’ balances as well as answer questions relating to investment elections.

Online Enrollment
HealthcareBank offers online enrollment and a virtually paperless environment for administering HSAs. Turnkey paper forms give you additional flexibility.

Online Access to Information
Your clients will appreciate the ease of accessing all of their accounts online, including their investments. A single-screen view of HSA and FSA account information gives your clients the real-time information they need to make important decisions about health care reimbursement.

Debit Card

Consumers have the option of using one debit card for multiple benefit plans such as HSAs and limited purpose FSAs. This multi-purse card can be branded with your company’s logo.

Investment Options and Management Tools

An array of mutual funds, as well as an interest-bearing account, gives your clients competitive investment choices that are attractive to both novice and experienced account holders.

Easy-to-use financial tools, fund prospectuses, account history and advanced management features, such as auto-transfers or one-time transfers to or from their investment account, or scheduled automatic realignment are available to the account holder.

Tax Reporting

HealthcareBank will create and distribute the necessary 1099-SA and 5498-SA tax forms for your clients.


Add Depth to Your Business

Integrate the administration of HSAs with your existing benefit account to create an additional opportunity to maintain and build your business for the future.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Create a competitive edge with the ability to set and control all of your client fees, including account opening and monthly or annual maintenance fees, according to your market. With this solution you can reach both employers and the individual HSA market.

Retain Control of Your Clients

Brand your HSA administration as your own with the HealthcareBank HSA Business Solution and WEX Health Cloud™ system. When you add your logo to the participant portal, your HSA account holders identify you as their first and most important source of information on all of their CDH accounts.

HealthcareBank is unique from other financial institutions in the CDH marketplace, as our goal is to remain largely invisible as the custodian for your HSA deposits. This allows you continue to add value to your client relationships by supporting your account holders rather than directing their questions to a outside financial source.

Easy to Use

Get into the HSA market quickly. Our HSA Business Solution allows you to minimize the lead time you need to get into the CDH marketplace.

Turnkey marketing materials can be branded with your information and logo to give you a head start in finding opportunities in new markets.

Works with Any Health Plan Provider

With this solution, you also give your clients the freedom to make changes to their health plan provider. HealthcareBank’s HSA Business Solution allows your clients to stay on the platform regardless of which health plan provider they use.

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